Welcome to the showcase blog for the models of Ken McConnell. You won’t find any of my original, scratch built starships here, just kit based builds. You can find the starships over at Ken-McConnnell.com. My modeling interests can vary, but currently I’m into WWII airplanes. In the past I’ve had a passion for Russian armor, so my interests are a moving target. I hope you enjoy your time here.


I’ve always loved airplanes and flying. When I was still in HS I solo’d in my dad’s Cessna 150. Ever since I was a kid I built airplane models from plastic and from balsa wood. Could not get enough of them, spent hours thumbing through Aircraft In Profile books. That was before the internet, punks. 

Now I’m returning to the hobby as a middle aged man. Join me as I expand my modeling skills and build some historic planes. Some of them are favorites of mine, some of them are favorites of others but all of them are wings of metal and wood.


I must have built every 1/48 scale WWII airplane kit made in America when I was a teenager. After a twenty year hiatus I have come back to the hobby and this site was created to document my builds.



I always hit the history books before I commence a build and for the Spitfire it meant getting a book written by the very man whose plane I’m building! Not every famous pilot writes a book about his experiences but when they do, I read them. Full Circle by Johnson is a great survey of …


First up is the Spitfire’s cockpit. Something new I’ve learned is that the seat was actually made from plastic and looked like Bakelite but was not. I would hate to have a cockpit fire and get my seat melted out from under me. Apparently that was not a problem for the RAF. There were some …


Air Vice Marshal, James Edgar “Johnie” Johnson is the subject of my first Spitfire build. Johnson is credited with 37 confirmed kills and that made him the highest scoring Western Ace who flew against the German Air Force. He’s perhaps the most decorated and famous British ace of WWII.  I love the picture of him …