First up is the Spitfire’s cockpit. Something new I’ve learned is that the seat was actually made from plastic and looked like Bakelite but was not. I would hate to have a cockpit fire and get my seat melted out from under me. Apparently that was not a problem for the RAF. There were some aluminum seats but most were plastic.

First challenge on the build was to fill the gaps on those boxes near the bottom of the cockpit. I used regular car Bondo for that fix.

After some assembly, I was ready for interior green. I believe this is the first time I’ve air brushed a kit model. Hard to believe.

After some detail painting, I added a Florry earth wash to add interest and give it that “lived in during wartime” look.

That plastic seat was hit with some artist chalk after being painted with Votainion rust mix of Tamiya paint I did for several of my starship models. See this build for that.

The photo etched brass dials on the instrument panel are totally awesome and so worth getting if you kit doesn’t have them.

Also added the PE seat belts. I still need to get them to lie down flatter, but they look pretty great to my old eyes. I spent hours under the magnifier hood for this cockpit.

So far I’ve had a blast building this Eduard kit. I may get around to adding some piping to the oxygen bottles but aside from that, I can’t see anything that needs improving. Most of this detail will probably be invisible once the fuselage halves go together. But I know it’s there.

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