Getting back to kits is something that I’ve been looking forward to for a year or so. I’ve been scratch building studio scale starship models for about five years now and I’m itching to get back to kits. I’ve been out of kit building for over twenty years and the hobby has moved forward in a big way. There are all kinds of new techniques, materials and kit manufacturers to explore now.

The first kit I’ve chosen to build is a 1/48 scale Eduard Spitfire Mk IXc. I’m building it for a good friend who’s crazy about Spits. We chose to model the steed of famous British fighter pilot – Johnie Johnson. When I build airplanes I usually try and model a particular pilot’s bird and not just use the kit decals. This involves reading about the pilot, collecting images of his or her airplane and generally getting to know both as well as I can before cutting sprues.

As I progress on the build I’ll make posts on my progress and then when I finish the kit, I’ll create a static page with links to all the posts. I hope you’ll come back regularly and follow my progress. Thanks for visiting!

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